We work with natural granite, quartz and sometimes prefabricated granite.

We always say “there are granite people, and then there are quartz people”.  Both types of material offer pros and cons. At the end, it comes down to preference.  You cannot go wrong with either material.

For granite, we recommend every 12 months.  It’s super easy and you can do it yourself.  Quartz is non porous, you do not need to reseal.

Our process usually takes about 10 days.  Actual amount of time will depend on customer’s availability.  (i.e. showroom appt., template appt.)

We do not.  We ask that the customer have the plumbing disconnected before the installation.

We specialize in countertops. We prefer to be masters of one trade.

You bet! We will be with you in the showroom to answer any questions and provide our professional opinions.

Usually countertops can be installed within 4 hours unless you have a larger project.

Yes, this is what sets us apart from other businesses.  Once we measure and you pick the material, we give you an estimate and stand by it.  Of course, if you make any changes, the estimate will also change.

We do recommend you still use a cutting board.  Granite is stronger than your knives.  Therefore, cutting directly on the granite can wear your knives out.

We recommend you wait at least 24 hours before using your countertops and reconnecting your plumbing. 

At the moment we accept cash, checks, and credit cards (credit cards will be subject to a 3% transaction fee).  Receipts will be provided with all forms of payment.

Why Choose Us?


10 business days install. That's the fastest install time you will find.


You will be surprised as how easy it is to work with us, no surprises or hidden fees.


Free undermount sink cutout.

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